Metal surface treatment - polishing

- Jan 21, 2020-

Metal surface treatment - polishing


Polishing: modification of the surface of a workpiece using flexible polishing tools and abrasive particles or other polishing media
Traditional polishing process flow
Local lapping - whole lapping - rough throwing - fine throwing - cleaning - inspection
Technical features: to improve the dimensional accuracy of the workpiece and geometric shape accuracy, to obtain smooth surface or mirror gloss, but also to eliminate gloss.

Electrolytic polishing: with the polished workpiece as the anode and the insoluble metal as the cathode, the two poles are immersed into the electrolyzer at the same time, through the dc electroionization reaction to produce selective anodic dissolution, so as to achieve the effect of fine burr out of the surface of the workpiece and increase the brightness.

1. The internal and external color is consistent, and the luster is long-lasting
2. With high production efficiency and low cost, samples can be prepared in large quantities
3. Increase the corrosion resistance of the workpiece surface, suitable for all stainless steel materials
1. There are many parameters affecting the electrochemical polishing, so it is difficult to find the correct electrochemical polishing parameters
2. It is difficult to obtain good results for cast iron and inclusions
3. The composition of electrolyte is complex, so it is necessary to pay attention to safe operation when using

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