Metal surface treatment - etching

- Jan 23, 2020-

Metal surface treatment - etching


Etching: commonly referred to as photochemical etching, refers to the removal of the protective film of the etching area after exposure plate making and development, and the contact with chemical solution during etching to dissolve the corrosion and form the effect of concave and convex or hollow molding.

Technical features:
1. It can be used for fine processing of metal surface
2. Give the metal surface a special effect
1. Corrosive liquids (acid, alkali, etc.) used in etching are mostly harmful to the environment
Typical products:
Jewelry, nameplates, trophies, electronic chip parts for aerospace, mechanical and chemical industries
Suitable output:
Single to large quantities are available
1. Prolonged exposure and chemical substances can achieve photoetching surface treatment
Process cost:
1. Low mold cost
2. Medium labor cost
Process flow:
Exposure method: open - material cleaning - drying - film or coating - drying - exposure - development - drying - etching - demoulding
Screen printing: cutting - cleaning plate - screen printing - etching - demoulding

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