Metal surface treatment - electroplating

- Jan 18, 2020-

Metal surface treatment - electroplating


Electroplating: it is the process of using electrolysis to make the surface of metal adhere to a layer of metal film, so as to prevent corrosion, improve wear resistance, electrical conductivity, reflective and enhance the role of a technology.
Suitable output: single to large quantities
Production speed: medium speed, depending on material type and coating thickness

Process cost:
1. There is no mold cost, but fixture is required to fix the parts
2. Time cost depends on temperature and type of metal
3. Labor costs (medium-high), depending on the type of electroplating, such as electroplating and jewelry, require highly skilled workers to operate because of the high requirements for appearance and durability

Process flow:
Pretreatment - cyanide-free alkaline copper - cyanide-free white copper tin - chrome plating
Technical features:
1. High gloss, high quality metal appearance
2. The base materials are SUS, Al, Zn, Mg, etc.; The cost is lower than PVD
Poor environmental protection, environmental pollution risk is greater

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