Metal surface treatment - anodic oxidation

- Jan 14, 2020-

Metal surface treatment - anodic oxidation


Anodic oxidation: mainly anodic oxidation of aluminum, the formation of a layer of Al2O3 (alumina) on the surface of aluminum and aluminum alloys using electrochemical principles. This oxide film has protective, decorative, insulating, wear resistance and other special characteristics.

Technical features: enhanced strength
Achieve any color except white
Achieve nickel - free hole sealing, to meet the European, the United States and other countries on nickel - free requirements

technological process:Degrease-corrosion washing-neutralization-anodic oxidation-coloration-hole sealing

Monochrome and gradient: polishing/sandblasting/wire-drawing - deoiling - anodic oxidation - neutralizing - dyeing - hole sealing - drying
Two colors: polishing/sandblasting/wire-drawing - deoiling - shielding - anodic oxidation 1- anodic oxidation 2- hole sealing - drying
Polishing/sandblasting/wire-drawing - deoiling - anodizing 1- radium carving - anodizing 2- hole sealing - drying


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