medium frequency magnetron sputtering power supply

- Aug 24, 2020-

The emergence of medium frequency magnetron sputtering power supply is mainly due to target poisoning and arc ignition during dc power reactive sputtering. Arc sputtering is not only manifested in reactive sputtering, but also may occur in dc sputtering of metals, resulting in the surface morphology of the coating is not dense enough, which seriously affects the stability of the system and the quality of the film. Intermediate frequency sputtering power supply with two sputtering target as the load, two target work alternately, so sputtering target a sputtering cycle for more than half the time reverse voltage by the sputtering, make full discharge of the accumulated charge on the surface of target material, is beneficial to restrain arc discharge and surface of target poisoning, especially suitable for the reaction environment using membrane layer.
Compared with dc power supply, if power supply also has the adjustment function of frequency and duty cycle (only square wave output type), these two parameters also have important influence on the coating process.


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