Matters needing attention in the use of cryogenic pump

- Feb 26, 2021-

Matters needing attention in the use of cryogenic pump

  1. Influence of heat load of cryogenic pump port
    The thermal load of cryogenic pump population barrier is generally calculated according to 300K gas. If the inlet temperature of cryogenic pump is too high, some methods should be adopted to shield the heat source. Otherwise, the inlet baffle temperature may exceed 100K, directly affecting the temperature of the adsorption array and affecting the captured gas.

    2. Impact of sudden power failure on operation of cryogenic pump
    During continuous operation of cryogenic pump, activated carbon adsorption of helium has been saturated. If a power failure occurs for a short period of time, the helium gas will be released as the adsorption array recoils. The water vapor will also be desorbed from the secondary cold screen and baffle and adsorbed by the adsorption array. In this case, the cryogenic pump needs regenerative treatment.
    3. Helium purity of low temperature system configuration press
    The helium press needs to be filled with high-purity argon, requiring 99.999%. Neon is the most common impurity, which may condense on the low temperature surface of the primary and secondary cooling head cavity, leading to the wear of seals. During the maintenance of the helium press, special attention should be paid to the filling method of helium, and air should not be brought in, otherwise the pipeline will be blocked.
    4. The influence of oil mist on cryogenic pump
    Cryogenic pump use, if there is oil mist gas source in the vacuum chamber, it will pollute the activated carbon in the adsorption matrix, so that it loses its pumping capacity. In the regeneration of cryogenic pump, it is also necessary to prevent oil pollution of activated carbon.
    5. Remove dangerous gases
    Cryogenic pump should not be used to remove dangerous gas, after capture, release when regeneration, endanger the environment and personal safety.
    6. Safety valve on low temperature system
    When the cryogenic pump is regenerated, the captured gas is sometimes released instantly due to the temperature rise, which causes the pressure rise in the cryogenic pump chamber and endangers the safety of the pump. To this end, the cryogenic pump must be installed with a safety valve in order to release air when overpressure. The safety valve needs to be checked regularly. Large vacuum systems and cryogenic pumps sometimes have high installation height. It is not easy for operators to operate, and more attention should be paid to the reliability of the safety valve, otherwise it will cause major accidents.

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