Market analysis of various vacuum pumps

- Dec 11, 2018-

Market analysis of various vacuum pumps

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Vacuum pump is a large volume of a wide range of products, the output is very large, the output value is not high, but it is a direct impact on the vacuum complete set of equipment performance and quality of essential basic products. Vacuum pump from high/super vacuum to coarse/low vacuum, its products can be roughly divided into 14 categories:

High/super vacuum -- cryogenic pump, molecular pump, sputtering ion pump, titanium sublimation pump, diffusion pump.

Middle vacuum -- dry pump, two-stage rotary vane pump, roots pump, oil booster pump, steam jet pump.

Coarse/low vacuum -- single stage rotary vane pump, slide valve pump, liquid ring pump, reciprocating vacuum pump.


The vacuum pump market changes dynamically according to the needs of users. The growth of the market is driven by the rapid development of the semiconductor industry and the increasing application of dry and molecular pumps.


With the rapid development of China's industry, the application of vacuum pump is becoming more and more extensive. For example, in the fields of plastic machinery, pesticide chemical industry, dye chemical industry, low-temperature equipment, medicine and chemical industry, food machinery, electronics industry, vacuum equipment and so on. In order to let the majority of colleagues in the industry better understand the vacuum pump, small make up a special collection of vacuum pump details.


Vacuum pump market analysis:

Vacuum pump is an essential basic product that directly affects the performance and quality of complete vacuum equipment, but in the high-end field of vacuum pump products, there are not many domestic brands of vacuum pump, and a large number of market shares are controlled by imported enterprises. Vacuum pump market development speed can be described with each passing day, almost every moment in accordance with the changing needs of users and dynamic changes.

On March 16th, 2015, PRNewswire, New York, 2015-2018 China vacuum pump industry report pointed out that vacuum pump is widely used in metallurgy, chemical, food, electronic coating and other fields, in recent years, with the rapid development of metallurgy, chemical, food and other industries, the market of vacuum pump is also growing rapidly. In 2014, China's production of vacuum pumps reached 9.56 million units, up 7.2% year on year. That figure is likely to climb to 11.84 million units by 2018, with a compound annual growth rate of 5.5 percent, according to projections.


1. Dry pump market

The rapid development of semiconductor industry, chemical industry and thin film industry is the main driving force for the continuous growth of dry pump market in foreign countries. In Japan, the semiconductor industry has all used dry vacuum pump instead of oil seal mechanical pump, Europe and the United States semiconductor industry more than 45% of dry vacuum pump instead of oil seal mechanical pump, greatly improve the performance and quality of products. In order to meet the requirements of different application fields and working conditions, there are multi-stage roots vacuum pump, multi-stage claw vacuum pump, screw vacuum pump, vortex vacuum pump, reciprocating piston vacuum pump and turbine-type oil-free vacuum pump. The ultimate pressure is from 10Pa to 10-2pa, and the pumping speed is from 20m3/h to 500m3/h. According to statistics, at present the application of domestic dry pump is less than 1%, domestic semiconductor industry dry pump all imported from abroad, its price is very expensive. Therefore, China should vigorously research and develop dry pump, dry pump has become a new economic growth point of China's vacuum industry.


Dry vacuum pump is mainly used in semiconductor, chemical industry, film, instruments, medicine, food and other industries with a wide range, more than 50% of the products on the market are imported brands, especially in the semiconductor industry, the vast majority of vacuum pumps are foreign brands, domestic vacuum pumps are mainly used in chemical industry and other industries.


2, water ring vacuum pump market

Water ring vacuum pump industry development situation in the domestic and international market is very promising, water ring vacuum pump development trend of our country in recent years is very good, experts predict that by 2020, China's water ring vacuum pump imports will reach a staggering $5 billion, more than $4.9 billion in the United States as the world's largest water ring vacuum pump importer. Japan, India, Germany and France will rank third to sixth in water ring vacuum pump imports.


In the past ten years, driven by a few water ring vacuum pump enterprises, many varieties, sealing performance, strength requirements, regulating function, movement performance and circulation performance, especially sealing performance, have made great progress. But as a whole, the gap is wide and there is much work to be done.


3, screw vacuum pump market

At present, the development of the various vacuum pump more and more influenced by vacuum applications, general vacuum system cannot meet the requirements of clean oil and corrosion resistance, so the dry vacuum pump market in great demand in recent years, vacuum products upgrading situation, have a lot of oil vacuum system has been replaced by oil free clean vacuum system. Abroad almost every a large vacuum company production of various types of dry vacuum pump. The screw vacuum pump belonging to the non-contact type dry pump, is a kind of ideal appears in the early 1990 s of the pump, with its wide range of pumping speed, simple and compact structure, suction cavity components without friction, long life, low energy consumption, the advantages of oil pollution, for foreign master, but its manufacturing technology in our country is still in its infancy, the market for dry vacuum pump has a pressing needs.


At present, the domestic research of dry screw vacuum pump is still in the initial stage, many technical problems have not been solved. For example, rotor coating anti-corrosion technology, reduce the exhaust temperature, increase the rotor area utilization rate and other problems are still very difficult, when extracting some active gas, because the exhaust temperature is high, safety also needs to be considered in the design, used in the need to control the volume of occasions, how to reduce noise should become the research direction. But its superior performance determines that it will definitely dominate the vacuum equipment industry, just like the dominance of screw compressor in the industry now.


4, rotary vane vacuum pump market


With the continuous expansion of vacuum technology in various application fields, the demand for direct rotary vane pump is increasing. Due to the large number of this pump, processing and assembly work is very large, the price is very low, so some foreign vacuum manufacturers in China to establish a professional factory. Domestic small and medium sized straight league rotary vane pump technically already pass, prices are far cheaper than foreign pump, so domestic pump has a competitive advantage, the key is to solve the shaft seal leakage and rotary vane materials and vacuum pump oil performance quality problems, ensure that straight league pump in high speed, high temperature performance is stable and reliable operation, and to further improve the domestic straight league rotary vane pumps besides water vapor ability. Water ring vacuum pump as a new generation of energy-saving products, in the market is generally popular, water ring vacuum pump has been widely used, such as in many industrial processes, such as vacuum filtration, vacuum water diversion, vacuum feeding, has been widely used in the market demand.


5. Slide valve vacuum pump market

All kinds of vacuum furnaces, coating machines and drying and impregnation equipment at home and abroad use slide valve pump as the front stage pump, but the slide valve pump castings are heavy and the processing workload is large, so foreign vacuum factories are looking for partners in China. In order to make the domestic slide valve pump can enter the international market, it is necessary to further reduce the vibration noise of the pump, prevent oil injection and oil leakage, improve the reliability of the slide valve pump long-term operation.


6. Roots vacuum pump market

In terms of foreign production of roots pumps, there are several large foreign companies, such as Leybold, Balzers, Alcatell, Edwards and ULVAC, whose sales of roots pumps account for less than 5% of the global sales of roots pumps. The total sales of these five companies are only 20%. At present, almost all large or small, high vacuum and vacuum system, in order to shorten the extraction time, increase the production efficiency are equipped with roots pump, so domestic roots pump must be based on the occupation of the domestic market to enter the international market, thus to further reduce the domestic roots pump vibration noise, completely solve the problem of shaft seal leakage, improve the appearance quality of the pump, improve the roughness and cleanliness within the pump. In addition, but also take into account some countries and regions of the power frequency of 60Hz, but also to ensure that the paulz pump in the case of increasing the speed of long-term operation of reliability.


At present, the domestic air-cooled direct exhaust air roots pump is developing rapidly and has become mature in technology. Because the pump is equipped with a gas cooler below the vent, some of the cooled gas is piped back into the pump chamber to cool the rotor, thereby balancing the heat of compression, the pump can be pumped directly into the atmosphere. In order to meet the requirements of different limit vacuum degree, this kind of pump can be used in series, generally in front of an air-cooled direct exhaust air roots pump, the limit of vacuum is an order of magnitude higher than the previous pump. This pump because there is no working medium in the pump chamber, is actually a dry pump. At present, this air-cooled direct exhaust atmospheric roots pump and unit have been in the petroleum, chemical, plastic, pesticides, steam turbine rotor dynamic balance, aerospace space simulation and other devices have been long-term operation of the test, so it should be vigorously promoted and applied in China.


7. Molecular pump market


Molecular pump is used to replace cryogenic pump in many process occasions in semiconductor field abroad, especially sputter, etch and LCVD devices are color composite molecular pump and traction pump as the main pump.


Molecular pump exhaust time is longer than that of the cryogenic pump because the speed of molecular pump is only 1/4 of that of the cryogenic pump of the same caliber. Abroad in order to improve the pumping speed, on the entry side of the molecular pump with a - 130 ~ 150 low temperature cold plate, called molecular pump at low temperature, water vapor is captured by the plate at low temperature, the molecular pump away other gases. This kind of low temperature molecular pump is applied in vacuum coating device, which not only improves the production efficiency but also improves the film quality. With the rapid development of semiconductor industry, thin film industry and scientific research, molecular pump should be the focus of vacuum pump manufacturing industry in China. First of all, molecular pump from small to large to establish a complete series, and research and development of a variety of complex molecular pump, traction pump and low temperature molecular pump, to meet the needs of different occasions.


Molecular pumps are also widely used in nuclear physics, electric vacuum and surface science and other fields. Due to the rapid development of semiconductor industry, the market of vacuum pumps is expanding rapidly. Typical Vacuum pump manufacturers include agilent (varian), Germany pufa, ouruikanglaibao, Busch, and Osaka Vacuum, etc. Other manufacturers are mainly domestic instrument manufacturers, such as Beijing beiyi innovative Vacuum technology co., LTD., chengdu nanguang machinery co., LTD., shenyang scientific instruments of the Chinese academy of sciences and other enterprises. However, both in terms of technology and market development, foreign instruments far exceed domestic instruments.