Manufacture and Application of Titanium Tluminum Target

- Mar 23, 2018-

It is traditionally used to produce titanium aluminum alloy targets by casting and powder metallurgy.

It cannot to avoid porosity and shrinkage by casting titanium aluminum alloy targets by casting. Large size titanium aluminum casting tubes and ingots cannot guarantee to achieve the sealing and waterproof effect when it is made into rotating tube target, and with the pipe wall etching, the thickness thinning, porosity and shrinkage as long as there is a hole, the sealing will become worse, and it will cause leakage, the target tube glow discharge, or a large amount of miscellaneous gas will participate in the reaction and cause the film to fall or the color is wrong.

The powder metallurgy process produces titanium aluminum target without porosity and shrinkage. The production of titanium aluminum rotating tube target is strict for the compactness of the material, and the density must be more than 98%. But meeting the density requirement does not mean that it can be used. If the oxygen content of the titanium aluminum ingot is high and the microstructure is not reasonable, the internal stress of the ingot titanium ingot is large, and it cannot be used as a rotating tube target. Therefore, there are many requirements for powder production and particle size distribution.

The decorative coating of the watch, jewelry and eyewear industry has recently demanded that many coatings not to contain carbon and to further make the bottom color close to the face color. Therefore, TiCN cannot meet the requirements, and TiAlN is the perfect solution. Low-end watches and clocks do not have film thickness and gloss requirements. Most of them use TiAlN deposited by an arc titanium aluminum target. The high-end brand watches require a thickness of 1um or more, and the gloss cannot be reduced. At present, the better way is to use a rotating tube target to deposit TiAIN, not only the color is closer to the rose gold but also the glossiness is not affected by the increase of the thickness.

IKS has actively cooperated with domestic and foreign companies and scientific research institutes, and has made gratifying achievements in some more commonly used coating applications. The coating process can be used to coating the film with high hardness, thermal stability and chemical stability. And various physical vapor deposition coatings, such as TiN, TiCN, AlTiN, AlTiSiN,CrN, DLC, etc.