Maintenance of vacuum coating equipment after long time operation?

- Apr 11, 2019-

Maintenance of vacuum coating equipment after long time operation?


If the vacuum coating equipment used for more than 6 months, the vacuum coating equipment pumping speed will be significantly slower, how to maintain it?


FirstMust want to rush into atmosphere, tear open join conduit, twist nozzle of one class to come out, reoccupy benzine will pump lumen and pump bravery are cleaned, reoccupy washing powder adds clear water to washAfter the water evaporates and dries, install the pump bladder, refill the newly diffused pump oil, and put it back into the machine body, then the machine can be restarted.


When the vacuum electroplating is started up again, special attention should be paid to the leakage collecting work. Firstly, observe whether the vacuum degree of the diffusion pump reaches 6*10PA, or we will check the leakage.


Check whether the joint is equipped with sealing ring, or the sealing ring is crushed.


After removing the potential gas leakage, the oil can be heated; otherwise, the diffusion pump oil will burn the ring and cannot enter the working state.


When the vacuum coating equipment pump continuous work for a month, we have to replace the new oil, the pump oil in the old oil completely discharged.


Then add the new pump oil to a certain amount. Continuous use for more than half a year, then change the oil pump oil cap should be opened, with a cloth to wipe the dirt inside the box.