Maintenance and Safety Measures of Vacuum Coating Machine

- May 15, 2018-

1. The equipment grounding must be reliable and check the conduction function of the grounding device frequently.

2. Diffusion pump and oil booster pump should not contact with the atmosphere under heating condition to avoid oxidation of pump oil.

3. Regularly check and adjust the water flow relay, check whether the water break alarm is normal, and ensure that the cooling water supply is smooth.

4. The cooling water must be connected before the heating of the diffusion pump and the oil booster pump. When the pump stops working but the pump is not cooled below 80°C, the cooling water must not be cut off to prevent the pump core from being burnt.

5. All equipment cooling water must be connected before coating work to prevent electrodes and substrates from burning down.

6. When assembling and disassembling various parts of the equipment, attention should be paid to protecting the sealing faces from mechanical scratches or injuries, so as to ensure the reliable sealing performance of the equipment.

7. The vacuum seal parts of each transmission shaft of the equipment are all sealed by "skeleton oil seal", and the inner cavity of the skeleton type oil seal is evenly filled with lubricating oil. After a period of time, it will wear out and must be filled with the same lubricant.

8. Check the storage capacity of roots pump and slide valve pump regularly and replenish it regularly. In addition, it should be according to the requirements of its instructions for maintenance.

9. Regularly check each trip switch controller to ensure that all working parts are in normal operation.

10. The slide valve pump and gas source should be drained every day.

11. Regularly check the oil reserve and oiliness of each reducer.

12. The main drive of this machine is synchronous belt. Check the operation of synchronous belt regularly. If it is found that it is not suitable, it should be adjusted in time.

13. When the equipment is not in use, the vacuum chamber should be cleaned up and the winding device should be moved to the vacuum chamber to avoid the pollution of dust and water vapor in the vacuum chamber and winding device.

14. If there is a sudden blackout in normal work, all the valves of the equipment must be closed immediately, and the cooling water of the diffusion pump and the supercharged pump will continue to be supplied in order to prevent the pump from being burned down.