Main parameters affecting sputtering film

- Mar 25, 2019-

Main parameters affecting sputtering film


Deposition rate refers to the film thickness deposited on the substrate in unit time by materials sputtering from the target, which is proportional to the sputtering rate. Have the following relations:



Qt -- stands for deposition rate;

C -- constants representing the characteristics of the sputtering device;

 I - represents the ion flow;

H -- denotes sputtering rate.


It can be seen from this equation that when the sputtering device is fixed (that is, C is the fixed parameter of the sputtering device, which is generally determined by key parameters such as target base distance at the beginning of design) and the working gas is selected, the best way to improve the deposition rate is to increase the ion flow I.


The film formation rate by magnetron sputtering is proportional to the target power. The factors that determine the deposition rate are: power density of etched area, etched area area, target-base distance, target material, gas pressure, gas composition, etc. The parameters listed above are roughly arranged in order of importance, but some of them influence each other, such as pressure, power density, etching area, etc. In addition, the thermal and mechanical properties of the target also limit the maximum sputtering rate.

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