Low temperature and vacuum

- Mar 06, 2020-

Both vacuum technology and cryogenic technology are universal science, and they are closely related to each other, mainly based on the interaction between gas and solid or liquid surface. At very low temperatures, almost all gases condense into solids because the saturated vapor pressure is so low that a vacuum can be obtained. At the same time, in order to obtain and maintain low temperature, it is necessary to apply vacuum technology, such as vacuum insulation, vacuum cooling refrigeration, etc. The development of cryogenic technology promotes vacuum science; The advance of vacuum technology drives the cryogenic technology. Now the vacuum needs low temperature, and low temperatures cannot be separated from the vacuum.

According to the equation of state PV=nRT of the gas, the pressure in the chamber is directly related to the temperature of the gas molecules in the chamber, so the chamber pressure (that is, the vacuum degree) can be changed by adjusting the temperature, and the low temperature can be obtained by changing the vacuum.

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