Introduction Of Vacuum Grease

- Feb 28, 2018-

High vacuum grease is composed of refined synthetic oil as base oil and adding inorganic thickener, structure stabilizer, anti-corrosion additive refined. It has good waterproof and sealing, anti - solvent and anti - creepage property. High vacuum oil is designed for the lubrication and seal of vacuum system and pressure system with high vacuum, and it can also be used as lubricating grease for O type ring assembly.

Performance feature

◆ It has excellent sealing performance, high temperature performance and low temperature performance, and the wide working temperature range.

◆ Excellent oxidation stability and chemical stability, very low saturated vapor pressure; 

◆ Good Insulation performance, material adaptability, and compatible with most plastics and elastic colloid;

Excellent corrosion resistance, water resistance and solvent resistance, resistance to most chemicals erosion.


 It is suitable for lubrication and sealing of ground glass joints and glass pistons,  cocks and valves in food and water supply pipes, sealing and lubrication of metal and rubber seals in vacuum systems with a degree of vacuum of 7.0 × 10 -7 kPa.

◆ It is suitable for lubricating and sealing of vacuum coating machine, valves on electric equipment, O-rings, auto brake pump and other devices. It also can be used for lubrication and sealing in the condition of bromine, water, weak acid or alkali and some other chemical media.


 The glass piston and its connector should be cleaned with solvent and dried before painting.

◆ It is resistant to vegetable oils, mineral oils, chemical solvents and inorganic salts.