In order to improve the strength of hypoeutectoid steel in production

- Oct 30, 2019-

In order to improve the strength of hypereutectoid steel in production, the commonly used method is to improve the content of pearlite in hypereutectoid steel.

The normalizing process should be used. Reason: hypereutectoid ferrite will be precipitated out of hypoeutectoid austenite in the cooling process. The slower the cooling rate is, the more content of eutectoid ferrite will be, which will lead to less pearlite content and reduce the hardness and strength of hypereutectoid steel. The essence of the normalizing process is complete austenitization and pseudo-eutectoid transformation, which can reduce the content of pro eutectoid ferrite by increasing the cooling rate, so that the subeutectoid steel can be transformed into the eutectoid structure, that is, the content of pearlite is increased, thus improving the strength and hardness of subeutectoid steel.