How To Replace The Vacuum Pump Oil

- May 23, 2018-

In the use of vacuum coating equipment, the maintenance of the machine is very important, it can effectively improve the life of the machine. We usually need to change the oil of the machine about 3 months after the machine works. In the more humid place or the humid climate, the air in this place is very serious for the contamination of the lubricant in the vacuum pump. So we should shorten the time of replacing the lubricating oil according to the situation.

The first thing to do is to remove the vacuum pump from the vacuum plating system. Raise the bottom of the chassis motor, open the oil drain plug, turn the vacuum pump, and hold the exhaust port so that all the oil in the cavity is discharged from the drain port. Then add 100-500ml of new oil from the air inlet and continue to rotate more than 5-10 times to clean the interior. According to this operation 3-5 times, wait until the dirty oil is cleared, then install the oil drain plug, put the vacuum pump into the new oil separately from the inlet and the oil filling hole, the oil change is completed. Vacuum pump oil change is not suitable for long-term start of the motor, in order to avoid the exhaust valve flap too violent and fatigue. It is forbidden to use kerosene, alcohol and gasoline to clean the pump.

We must operate in strict accordance with the above method. After the replacement is completed, we must perform the operation after debugging the machine.

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