How to reduce the dust of vacuum coating

- Oct 29, 2018-

How to reduce the dust of vacuum coating


There is a layer of dust on the surface of vacuum tube coating can affect the overall effect of vacuum coating. How to reduce the dust of vacuum coating?


1. The source materials used shall meet the necessary purity requirements.

2. Please pay attention to the cleaning of the placement environment after the sample is taken out.

3. After coating for some time, the vacuum chamber wall must be cleaned.

4. Cleaning the substrate material must be strictly in line with the process requirements.

5. The staff has special clothes and must wear gloves, foot covers, etc.

6. Appropriate increase of environmental humidity is conducive to the reduction of suspended solid particles in the surrounding environment.

7. It is technically clear, what is the upper limit of the allowed maximum particle size and the quantity of particles in per unit area.

8. Indoor air is low in fluidity and the ground is clean. If it is bare concrete ground, it needs to be covered and treated. Walls and roofs should not be painted with ordinary gray paint.

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