How To Properly Clean The Coating Lens

- Nov 08, 2017-

In order to meet the requirements of various photography, modern lenses often have to be coated with multilayer film. Although the film has a maintenance function, but because of the thickness is weak, if strong scrubbing may damage the film flatness, affect the camera, so this requires more attention to cleaning.

First, choose the right cleaning cloth

The cleaning cloth can use absorbent cotton, if there is left after cleaning the lens fiber, with a balloon blew. Minimize the use of leather or cloth. These reusable products accumulate tiny grains of sand or hard stuff in the air, probably next time using the film on the scratch lens.

Second. Choose the right cleaning solution

Usually use anhydrous alcohol or ether, or use a mixture of the two. (Note: diethyl ether is a poisonous chemical, and be careful). If you need to use water, it is best to find ionic water or pure water, so as to avoid leaving water spots.

In addition, if the lens is moldy or stained with grease, fingerprints, there is no way to use the method described above cleaning, it is better to get a professional camera shop cleaning.