How to Operate Vacuum Coating Machine Safely

- Jun 01, 2018-

In normal condition, when starting the machine, the water pipe must be opened first, and the water pressure should be monitored at any time during the work. At the same time, during the the ion bombardment and sputtering, special attention should be paid to the high-voltage wire connector, do not touch it to prevent electric shock. When coating with an electron gun, the bell jar should be covered by aluminum plate. The glass of the observation window preferably adopts lead glass, and lead glass spectacles should be worn to prevent x-rays from invading the human body when observing.


The room at where deposits the multilayer dielectric coatings should install ventilating and dust-collecting devices to eliminate harmful dust in time. Keep flammable toxic substances properly for protection from fire and poisoning. Fixtures pickling should be carried out in a ventilation unit and rubber gloves should be worn. When putting the parts into the pickling or caustic tank, they should be handled lightly to prevent colliding and spilling. In addition, the pickling tank should be covered. Finally, the water should be cut off after working.

Safety Regulations:


The vacuum system is a negative pressure system, and high-temperature vacuum pump oil is used in the system, so there is a big risk of accidental explosions and explosions if any carelessness. Therefore, during the working process, the operation procedures and standard operations must be strictly observed. Care must be taken to use a hot pump. There is a danger of burns by hot pumps and pinching by rotating parts, so operators should be close to the booster pump and diffusion pump in the production process. Besides, the shield of backing slide valve pump and roots pump must be intact.