How to maintain the oil return of vacuum coating machine?

- Feb 23, 2019-

How to maintain the oil return of vacuum coating machine?


The oil return problem of the vacuum coating machine.


If the vacuum gauge is not damaged, the return oil generally does not need to be repaired. Clean the vacuum chamber wall completely with gasoline and then wipe it with alcohol. The oil must be cleaned is important, if there is oil in the room, there will be a white film, the film quality is very bad, not because of the damage of the plating equipment, but because there is oil in the vacuum chamber.


In the vacuum coating equipment, the following problems may be caused by the frequent return of oil from the diffusion pump:


1. The cooling water passage is not unobstructed or the water pressure is not enough, which leads to the decrease of cooling capacity, the upper part of the diffusion pump becomes hot, and the oil vapor cannot be liquefied well. The solution is to connect the inlet pipe of the diffusion pump with a 4mpa air source and blow out the scale, while the outlet pipe is also blown with 4mpa. If scale is very much and firm, can pass into dilute hydrochloric acid. Or replace the diffusion pump.


2, the heating temperature is too high, because the diffusion pump heater power and rated power is not consistent, too high, resulting in a large amount of steam, can cause oil return, replacement of the electric furnace wire can be solved.


3, add oil quantity is too high, add oil quantity is high easy bring about steam quantity to circulate slowly, be stranded when compressing to inferior, cause return oil, the control that adds oil quantity according to manufacturer offer information can be avoided.


4, oil oxidation, diffusion pump oil oxidation, viscosity and steam flow are affected, can not reach the jet speed, natural return to the vacuum chamber. Remove the diffusion pump, take out the pump core, clean it with 120# gasoline, then polish it, remove the carbon and black oxide layer, clean it with 120# gasoline again, dry it, install it, then pour in the diffusion pump oil or silicone oil, heat it several times before it can be put into operation.Prevent contamination of workpiece.


5. If the service time of the diffusion pump exceeds 8-10 years, or the pump is used in harsh environment, it can be replaced. Improve work efficiency and maintenance cost.


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