How To Determine Whether The Vacuum Pump Oil Needs To Be Replaced

- May 19, 2018-


1. Is it generally require regular replacement of vacuum pump oil, is it simply replaced according to time? Is there another way to judge?

2. Our liquid usage rate is not very high, most of the time is in standby time, but the vacuum pump has been working. Look at the color of the pump oil is still relatively clear, and do not know if this can extend the replacement of the pump oil cycle.

User’s answer:

1. If you are busy, you can change it according to the time of the instructions. Or you can see if the pump oil becomes cloudy and then decide whether to replace it. My own general change is about half a year, but engineers say that if the pump oil will not be replaced for a long time, which will affect the service life of the pump.

2. If the pump oil color is not deep, the amount of oil is also very sufficient, the sensitivity does not change significantly, the replacement cycle can be a little longer, we usually change it once every six months, and the pump oil color is a little muddy.

3. Although the instrument is not used often, but the vacuum pump has been running, so change the oil according to the recommended time, of course, a little delay is also no harm.

4. Generally based on color change, and compare it. Of course, if the amount of oil is low, it must be replaced. The pump oil can't go below the minimum line.

5. Should be judged based on the combination of color and time, our probably about six months or so.

6. About six months to a year need to change it, although use less, the pump has been working. Find a suitable downtime (e.g., before the holiday) to change it.

7. Should be based on the color and amount of oil, if the color is relatively light, relatively clear and bright, the amount is also enough, and it can also be used. At ordinary times, attention should also be paid to protecting the air inlet, checking the filter screen, preventing dust and impurities from entering the pump, polluting the pump oil and damaging the vacuum chamber.


1. The service life of pump oil depends on the working environment. In the working environment where clean, dry gas and working temperature is below 100 C, pump oil must be replaced every 500-2000 hours or half a year.

2. The oil change must be less than 500 hours in a very harsh working environment.

3. When the vacuum pump oil becomes darker and brownish, oil should be changed.

4. When the level of the vacuum pump oil changes relatively large, it should be noted that if the liquid level rises considerably without refueling, it is necessary to consider whether the condensable gas is fused into the pump oil. If the liquid level drops a lot, then look for the phenomenon of fuel injection or atmospheric pumping for a long time. The excessive oil mist leads to serious oil consumption.