How to dehumidify the vacuum coating machine?

- Apr 17, 2019-

How to dehumidify the vacuum coating machine?


Vacuum state is to support the operation of vacuum coating machine environment, especially the need for high vacuum equipment, usually we need to achieve high vacuum, the role of the pumping system is indispensable, but in addition to the pumping system, in the process of vacuum coating equipment operation, there is a point is that the workpiece degassing.


Some of the workpiece itself has a lot of internal gas, water, etc., these substances will be heated with the equipment will be discharged into the vacuum chamber, reducing the vacuum degree, what is more, some of the gas with toxic components, directly damage to the mechanical structure of the vacuum chamber, resulting in the normal operation of the equipment.


Usually we use the workpiece degassing method is baking, through heating the workpiece inside the gas, water discharge, in front of the coating, at the same time, the workpiece is heated, when the workpiece moisture and gas due to heating and release, along with the vacuum chamber gas together by the vacuum pump.


Different degassing measures are taken for different workpieces to effectively control the internal gas and water emission of the workpiece and improve the stability and uniformity of the coating.


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