How To Choose Vacuum Coating Equipment Supplier?

- Jun 13, 2018-

At present, the number of vacuum coating equipment manufacturers is constantly increasing in the world, but how to choose a suitable supplier among such a large number of brands?


1. Determine the level of vacuum coating equipment manufacturers according to your own product positioning, if your product is orientated in the middle and high-end market, then you shall choose the middle and high-end equipment, on the contrary, the middle or low-end is ok,. But if the funds are sufficient, it is best to buy a mid-to-high-end machine that is richer in performance and more stable in quality.


2. For the high-end equipment, the stability must be better, so the accessories must be reliable. The coating machine itself is a complex system that contains vacuum, automation, machinery and other systems, any unreliable part of it will cause the instability of the equipment and bring inconvenience to production. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that every component selected is reliable. When many people purchase coating machines, it is natural to compare products. A 1 million coating machine and a 2 million coating machine may not have a very big difference in the basic configuration, but it is the mastery of some tiny details that has resulted in a stable coating machine.


3. The vacuum pumping system is basically two kinds at present, diffusion pump system, and molecular pump system. The molecular pump system is a clean gas system, and there is no return oil phenomenon that always occurred to diffusion pump, and the pumping speed of molecular pump is relatively stable, also it is power saving, as you know that the cost of electricity charges is a big part of the cost of production and operation of coating companies. Besides, regular maintenance of the pump system is very important, especially the regular replacement of oil, and please pay attention to the choice of oil brand and models, the wrong oil can easily damage the vacuum pump.


4. The vacuum inspection system is basically a composite vacuum gauge (a combination of thermocouple gauge and ionization gauge). When encounters the process that charging a large amount of gas with C elements, the ionization gauge is easily poisoned, which causes damage of ionization gauge. So the capacitance film gauge should be considered to use in the process of coating that the gas containing a large amount of C element.


5. Control system is very important. Many coating machines now use full automatic control method, but there are big differences between different automatic control ways. Most of them are still in a semi-automatic state, there are not many devices truly able to achieve full automatic control with one-button operation. Also, whether it can provide enough safety interlocks for operation in automatic control is very important.


6. Whether the (PolyCold) cryogenic trap needs to be configured. The cryogenic trap can make the machine even better. It can greatly increase the speed of the pumping, and the condensable gas in the vacuum chamber can be adsorbed on the cold coil tube to purify the vacuum by using it, so the film quality will be better. In the hot and humid summer, the use of cryogenic traps is undoubtedly improving the production efficiency to a great extent.


7. The coating machine needs to configure the cooling water circulation system, the cooling water is best to use deionized water, which has a great effect on anti-corrosion, especially for some rust-prone parts at the weld bead of the vacuum chamber.