Hardness Carbon PVD Coating Applications

- Nov 07, 2018-

Hardness Carbon PVD Coating Applications    


Cutting Tools

·         Reduces cutting forces and chip welding

·         Increases wear resistance in abrasive materials

·         Excellent for wood working

Forming Tools

·         Forming dies and punches

·         Reduces abrasive wear and friction

·         Best in forming operations kept below 400°C


·         Improves component lifetime

·         Reduces friction and lubrication needs

·         Increases power and improves fuel efficiency

·         Improves run-in times

·         Reduces sliding friction

·         Prevents seizure in dry conditions


·         Maintains cell integrity with no inflammatory response

·         Excellent bio-compatibility with prosthetics, catheters, and implants

·         Increased lifetime of medical instruments


·         Decorative applications

·         Easy to clean