General classification of cryogenic pumps for vacuum coating equipment

- Apr 13, 2019-

General classification of cryogenic pumps for vacuum coating equipment


According to the medium supply mode, cryogenic pumps are divided into the following types:


Storage tank cryogenic pump: cryogenic medium (liquid helium) is directly injected into the storage tank of the pump to achieve the purpose of gas condensation and extraction.


The advantages of the tank cryogenic pump are small size, no vibration, no noise, easy to operate, suitable for colleges and universities and research institutions and high energy accelerator and other large vacuum engineering.


The disadvantage of the tank cryogenic pump is that the operation cost is high, the use time of the low temperature medium is short every time, the vacuum system that needs long-term continuous operation needs to supplement the working medium regularly, and is limited by the low temperature medium supply conditions.


Flow cryogenic pump: in the pump, the cryogenic plate cooling pipe is connected with the refrigeration expander, and the cryogenic medium (gaseous helium) is supplied to the cryogenic pump through the external pipeline, which absorbs the heat of the cryogenic plate and then returns to the refrigeration compressor, forming a closed cycle. This cryogenic pump has a huge volume, complicated pipeline and large cold loss of pipeline.


The advantages of the process cryogenic pump are large cooling power, z* is suitable for pumping large amount of air or large vacuum chamber, widely used in space annular mold equipment, controlled thermonuclear reaction device, rocket engine high-altitude ignition test and low-pressure aerodynamic test.


Cryogenic pump for small refrigerating machine: cryogenic pump for small refrigerating machine with closed circulation is composed of cryogenic pump body, cryogenic pumping plate, radiation shielding plate, refrigerating machine and compressor, etc.


Small refrigerator cryopump and the process of low-temperature pump z *, the secondary cooling of regional especially refrigerator head directly connected to radiation screen, cold plate, the machine connected to the compressor flow in pipe is under normal temperature, high (or low) pressure gas medium, there is no low temperature medium transport problems, both process at low temperature and low temperature storage tank type pump in all kinds of advantages, is the ideal clean ultra-high vacuum pump.


The cryogenic pump of small refrigerator is widely used in film preparation, microelectronics technology, high energy physics, small annular mold equipment and other industrial fields.


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