Four major materials, more than 30 surface treatment processes

- Jan 13, 2020-

Four major materials, more than 30 surface treatment processes


How to achieve the product appearance effect, this and design, color, material, process is inseparable, and among them, the surface treatment process is the most intuitive way to express the product.

Surface treatment can improve product appearance, texture, function and other aspects of performance.

Appearance: color, pattern, logo, glossy lines (3D, 2D);
Texture: hand feel, roughness, life (quality), streamline, etc.
Function: hardening, anti - fingerprint, anti - scratch.
The following is a detailed introduction to the surface treatment technology of metal, plastic, ceramic and glass:

Metals: electrophoresis, sandblasting, polishing, etching, electroplating, wire drawing, micro-arc oxidation, powder spraying, anodic oxidation, PVD vacuum plating

Plastic: spray, electroplating, printing, radium carving, bite flower, IMD, OMD, NCVM
Glass: printing, coating, polishing, glass toughening, AF coating
Ceramics: grinding, polishing, AF processing, laser processing, PVD vacuum plating, ultrasonic processing

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