For visible and near-infrared optical thin film materials

- Apr 30, 2020-

For visible and near-infrared optical thin film materials, the dispersion law conforms to Cauchy equation n()=An+Bn/ 2+Cn/ 4, and An, Bn and Cn are the fitting parameters. By you can see below, for TiO2 thin film in the 400 ~ 1 400 nm range of refractive index in the spectrum dispersion relation, the Origin of data analysis software fitting curve and the curve calculated using the envelope method almost completely overlap, the square of the correlation coefficient is 0.99946, n (lambda) = 2.17 + 6.12 x 104 / lambda 2 + 2.98 x 108 / lambda. 4, with Cauchy equation dispersion rule in is very good, so the envelope method is adopted to calculate the refractive index as a material parameter, reoccupy film system software design, the experimental results and design goals can better meet.


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