Features of ion beam processing:

- Dec 11, 2019-

Features of ion beam processing:

(1) Because ion beam can be scanned by focusing through electronic optical systems, ion beam bombarding materials remove atoms layer by layer, ion beam density and ion energy can be precisely controlled, so ion etching can achieve nanometer (0.001 nm) processing accuracy. Ion coating can be controlled at the sub-micron level, and the depth and concentration of ion implantation can be controlled very precisely. Therefore, ion beam is the most precise and micro processing method among all the special processing methods, and is the basis of modern nanometer processing technology.

(2) Because ion beam processing is carried out in a high vacuum, it has less pollution and is especially suitable for the processing of easily oxidized metals, alloy materials and high-purity semiconductor materials.

(3) Ion beam processing is accomplished by bombarding atoms on the surface of a material with ions. It is a micro effect, macro pressure is very small, so the processing stress, thermal deformation and other small, high processing quality, suitable for all kinds of materials and low stiffness parts processing.

(4) The intensity, position and focus of the electron beam can be directly controlled by magnetic field or electron, so the whole process is convenient to be automated first. Especially in electron beam exposure, from the location of the processing to the scanning of the processing graphics. Can be automated. During electron beam drilling and cutting, special shaped holes can be processed by electrical control to achieve curved cutting.


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