Factors Of Uneven Thin Film Cause By Magnetron Sputtering Vacuum Coating Machine

- Mar 09, 2018-

The factors of uneven film layer cause by magnetron sputtering vacuum coating machine include three aspects: vacuum state, magnetic field and argon gas.

The working principle of the magnetron sputtering vacuum coating machine is that under the vacuum states, the electron of the orthogonal magnetic field to bombard the argon and form the argon ion, then bombardment the target material, so that the target ion can be deposited on the surface of the work piece to form thin film.

The vacuum state needs the pumping system to control, and each vent should be simultaneously actuated and consistent. If the pumping is not uniform, the pressure inside the vacuum chamber will be uneven. The pressure has a certain influence on the movement of ions. In addition, the time of pumping must be controlled. Too short will cause insufficient vacuum, but it is too long and a waste of resources.

The magnetic field works orthogonally, but it is impossible to make the magnetic field intensity 100% uniform. Where the general magnetic field is strong, the thickness of the film is large, but it is small on the contrary, so it will cause the inconsistency of the thickness of the film. However, in the production process, the unevenness of the film due to the non-uniformity of the magnetic field is not common.

Argon gas uniformity also affects film uniformity, and the principle is similar to vacuum. Because argon enters the vacuum chamber, the pressure inside the chamber will change. The uniform pressure can control the uniformity of the film thickness of the magnetron sputtering vacuum coating machine.

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