Emergency plan for vacuum coating equipment operation

- Nov 05, 2018-

Emergency plan for vacuum coating equipment operation


When operating the vacuum coating equipment, encountered water, power, gas leakage and other emergencies? What to do in this situation? Today to arrange the following vacuum coating equipment operation emergency plan, hope to be useful to you!

1. Equipment shall be cleaned and cleaned for a period of time

The equipment works for a period of time, usually 50 to 70 times. It needs to be cleaned and cleaned out, and then the empty furnace works once. The way of working is first time for vacuum degree higher than 10-2 Pa when heating, the heating temperature is higher than normal temperature of 20 . Keep warm for more than an hour at the z* furnace temperature, then cool naturally. This keeps the equipment interior clean.

2. Replace the air bottle

When the air cylinder used by the equipment needs to be replaced, remove the pressure stabilizing valve and replace it with a new bottle of air. After replacing the new gas cylinder, before the workpiece is not heated, it should be filled in the furnace during the evacuation process, so that some air is drawn out of the pipeline memory during the cylinder changing process, so as to keep the gas pipeline clean.

3. A small amount of oil should be applied to the rotating parts

A small amount of vacuum pump oil should be first applied to the rotating parts of the lubrication surface. Please pay attention to the cleaning, non-iron, sand and dust into the vacuum pump, positioning should be in good contact. The installation of vacuum pump should be easy to rotate, no lumps and blockages are serious.

4. When working normally, it is found that the equipment suddenly leaks air

If the leakage point can be found immediately, the leakage point shall be sealed with vacuum seal mud. After finishing the work, the leakage point shall be treated. If you cannot determine the location of the leak, you should immediately stop working and repair.

5. Water and power cut at high temperature.

Vacuum equipment is afraid of the high temperature when water, power. Therefore, user has a backup water tank or a water pipe when installing the equipment.

When the equipment stops water and power supply at high temperature, the pump and valve should be closed. The operator should immediately switch on the standby water or tap water to cool the equipment.Then, close all the buttons on the control cabinet to the "off" position.At the same time, use the wet towel to lap the electrode outlet joint and replace it regularly to avoid overheating of the electrode interface and damage to the sealing ring.

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