electroplating production

- Apr 15, 2020-

Expand your knowledge:
1- electroplating production is mainly dominated by sewage and heavy metal pollution in sewage. The state has strictly controlled the expansion of electroplating industry and reduced it year by year.
2- the main electroplating processes in China are zinc plating, copper plating, nickel plating and chromium plating, of which zinc plating accounts for 50%, copper plating, chromium plating and nickel plating accounts for 30%.
3- if the purpose is to prevent rust, galvanized or cadmium plating can be used; If the focus is to prevent wear, nickel or chromium plating is the best option.

Electroplating is a profound knowledge
Not one or two sentences can be said clearly
And the plating method of each material is different
Electroplating pretreatment, electrolyte formulation, current size, electroplating time, etc
Every detail will cause the plating quality to change
Among other things
Less current, longer plating time
The better the quality of the plated product
It's a little slow
And of course the cost went straight up

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