Electron beam main processing device

- Dec 02, 2019-

Electron beam main processing device

Electron beam processing device mainly consists of the following parts:

Electron gun

A device for obtaining an electron beam, which includes:
1. Electron emission cathode -- made of tungsten or tantalum and emitting electrons under heating conditions.
2, control the gate - not only control the strength of the electron beam, but also have a primary focusing effect.
3. Accelerated anode -- usually grounded, and because the cathode has a high negative pressure, it can drive electrons to accelerate.

Vacuum system

Ensure the vacuum required for electronic processing. The vacuum degree of general electron beam processing is maintained at 1.33×10-2~ 1.33×10-4 Pa.

Control system and power supply

The control system includes beam focusing control, beam position control, beam strength control and table displacement control.
Beam focusing control: increases the energy density of the electron beam, which determines the aperture or seam width of the processing point.
Focusing method: first, high voltage electrostatic field is used to focus electron flow into a fine beam; Another method is to use an "electromagnetic lens" to focus on a magnetic field.

Beam position control: changes the direction of electrons.
Table displacement control: control the position of the table during machining.
Power supply: high voltage stability requirements, commonly used to stabilize the power supply.


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