Electric encyclopedia: method to solve the unbalance inertial force of vacuum pump

- Mar 19, 2019-

Electric encyclopedia: method to solve the unbalance inertial force of vacuum pump


No matter which type of vacuum pump, vibration and noise will affect the application of industrial vacuum system and even cause environmental noise pollution. Therefore, in the vacuum pump industry, reducing the vibration and noise of the pump on the actual use of the vacuum pump and its life is very important.


In order to analyze specific things more vividly, we still take the slide valve vacuum pump as an example. Since the advent of the slide valve pump, the vibration caused by its rotor inertia force has attracted people's attention and a lot of work has been done, but this problem has not been completely solved. At present, the general consensus is that the inertia force generated by the rotor of the sliding valve pump is the main cause of pump vibration.


For example, the working point of the pump deviates from the efficiency point seriously: the blade generates uneven liquid flow and unstable backflow; Vibration caused by mechanical reasons, such as unbalanced rotor assembly: pump, motor and coupling are out of alignment; Shaft bending: gear tooth surface wear: sliding bearing oil film shock: rolling bearing track, steel ball is not round or the inner and outer rings fall off: unreasonable design or thermal expansion caused by excessive pipe resonance; The anchor bolt is loose, etc.


According to the present research results the main vibration of the vacuum pump comes from the unbalance inertial force produced by the moving system. At present, the methods to solve the unbalanced inertial force are as follows:

First, the use of dynamic balance. Usually can be calculated by analysis, and then add balance wheel and outside the pulley

Add counterweight block or balance wheel to balance the inertia force of eccentric wheel and slide valve. It is proved to be an effective method to reduce vibration.


Second, it is also possible to remove and install mechanical vibration damping device. Of course, this device is mostly used in high-speed pumps and pumps with high pumping speed.

Third, from the pump structure to adjust, the use of actual demand can be designed to set up type, bedroom type pump, in practical use because the horizontal structure has the characteristics of compact, low center of gravity, more benefit to reduce the vibration noise.


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