Door Lock – Coating Solutions

- Mar 16, 2018-

Service object

Door locks manufacturing enterprise and decorative coating processing enterprise


Turnkey project can be provided, including the production process and exception handling and the equipment used for various materials of Bathroom products pre-treatment (cleaning), coating, quality testing.

Solutions and advantages

It is mainly used in some building hardware products, such as door and window locks, door hinges, door handles, kitchen hardware, bathroom hardware, lighting hardware, etc. After coating products to show the beautiful effect of a variety of elegant, glitters and the film wear resistance does not fade


● Harmlessness materials

Conventional surface coatings are often accompanied by environmental damage and personal injury. PVD technology and coating properties can be applied in various areas of direct contact with the human body, such as the food and medical fields.

● Appearance protection

The micron-thickness of hard coatings can effectively protect the appearance of high-end consumer products, and people can use surfaces such as new products more lastingly.

● Variety of color selection

Various combinations of the coating process can produce a variety of colors. and under excellent performance conditions, the product has more color choices.

● Rich matrix material selection

The coating process can be deposited on a variety of materials, and it can have good mechanical properties while realizing the lightweight workpieces.

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