difference scope of application between a single stage vacuum pump and a double stage vacuum pump

- Mar 25, 2021-

Two, the different scope of application
1. Double-stage vacuum pump:
(1) 2X vacuum pump is one of the basic pieces of equipment for pumping air. It can be used alone or connected with super high vacuum pumps such as booster pump, diffusion pump, and molecular pump. Widely used in electronic device manufacturing, vacuum drying, filtration, impregnation, coating, welding, melting, and laboratory equipment.
(2) The 2X vacuum pump is allowed to work for a long time in the ambient temperature range of 5-40, and the inlet pressure is less than 10 welding guns. When the relative temperature of the extracted gas is greater than 90%, the air ballast valve should be opened.
(3) The oil inlet of the 2X vacuum pump should not work continuously for more than 3 minutes.
(4) 2X vacuum pump is not suitable for the extraction of corrosive metal, chemical reaction with pump oil, containing particulate dust, containing excessive oxygen, explosive gas, and toxic gas.
2. Single-stage vacuum pump:
(1) XD rotary vane vacuum pump is suitable for vacuum pumping of a closed system. Such as vacuum packaging, vacuum molding, vacuum suction, and so on.
(2) inlet pressure range: 100Pa~100000 Pa, beyond this range, the exhaust port of the vacuum pump will produce oil mist. XD type rotary vane vacuum pump working environment temperature and suction gas temperature should be between 5℃~40℃.
(3) XD rotary vane vacuum pump can not pump water or other liquids. Explosive, flammable, excess oxygen, and corrosive gases shall not be removed.
(4) Usually provided motor is not explosion-proof. If explosion-proof or other special requirements are required, the motor must comply with relevant standards.

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