Diamond woodworking tools, special vacuum brazing furnace and solder paste solutions

- Mar 27, 2019-

Diamond woodworking tools, special vacuum brazing furnace and solder paste solutions


Diamond woodworking tools have been widely used!


Polycrystalline diamondcompact (PDC), as a new type of composite material, has been developed for more than ten years, and its application is also applied to drilling, non-ferrous metals and alloys, carbide, graphite, plastics, rubber, ceramics and wood etc.


Its surface layer is polycrystalline diamond sintered by powder with different diamond granularity, which has high hardness, wear resistance and long working life. The bottom layer is generally tungsten cobalt hard alloy, which has good toughness, provides good support for the surface polycrystalline diamond, and is easy to be brazed to various tools.


At present, the method of superhigh pressure and high temperature sintering is generally used to manufacture pd-cemented carbide composites at home and abroad. Due to the expansion of its scope of use and the improvement of its performance, the corresponding performance detection methods have also gone through a rapid development process, and tend to be mature in terms of the accuracy and effectiveness of detection.


The vacuum brazing furnace and vacuum brazing paste for diamond woodworking tools are introduced below.


Diamond (PCD) woodworking milling cutter is hard alloy (tungsten steel) milling cutter 20-100 times, the processing accuracy can reach 0.005mm, can achieve the roughness and precision of polishing, no need to polish, processing efficiency immediately increased by more than 10 times, especially suitable for various molding processing occasions, complex shape processing, absolutely high cost performance!


Conventional induction brazing or flame brazing is generally used in China.


diamond woodworking tool

[carving knife, router, gong knife, trimming knife, wood line knife, bottom cleaning knife, arc knife, flat knife]

Diamond woodworking cutter is mainly used for : wood furniture, cabinet door, wardrobe, wooden door, tables and chairs, wooden frame, tag, wood floor, density board and particieboard, resistance times the special board, fire prevention board, laminated, electricity board, fiberboard, melamine laminated board, organic glass, acrylic, cast aluminum, graphite, tungsten, ceramic and hard plastic material such as trimming, carving, molding processing. Diamond tools are widely used in furniture, cabinets, wooden doors and other wood processing industries, durable cost-effective, tool life increased 100 times, durable 12 months without grinding.



1. super durable: durable 12 months without grinding, is 100 times the life of alloy tools.

2. Ultra-high hardness: the hardness of diamond cutter is 8000HV, which is 120 times that of alloy cutter.

3. Supervalency: each diamond cutter can be used for 3-4 years, with the cost reduced by 3 times and the effect increased by 1 times.



Existing induction and flame brazing schemes:

Induction brazing or flame brazing are generally used in China. Straight knives are harder to solder when they are brazed. The reasons are as follows:

1.PCD composite is relatively thin, about 1.2mm. The temperature should not be too high, easy to overheat. PCD is damaged.

In other words, the brazing temperature should not be too high, not more than 760.

2. When one side of the brazing is completed, the other side is heated, which may easily cause the brazed side to melt.

Uneven heating leads to brazing defects.


Aiming at the pain point of manual induction brazing, vacuum furnace can be used to brazing diamond straight blade. Avoid these problems.


I. vacuum brazing furnace for diamond woodworking tools has great advantages:

1. Uniform heating, accurate temperature control, no overheating.

2. Can realize batch production, and can produce more than 200 knives at a time;

3. Easy to operate, more convenient is that a cutter with more than one head can also be simultaneously welding;

4. Increase the strength to ensure the consistency of welding.



. Imported vacuum brazing paste

Low temperature solder paste, due to the active metal titanium, cannot be in the air or general protective atmosphere (such as nitrogen) welding; It can be brazed in argon shielding state, but it is not easy to succeed. Titanium containing active filler metal, weldable for single crystal diamond, CVD, PCD,PCBN, suitable for welding most PCD (especially PCD with temperature resistance within 760), high vacuum (10-2pa)


Special vacuum furnace and imported low temperature solder paste for diamond woodworking tools


Vacuum brazing process:

Step 1: apply the paste

Manually apply the solder paste to the welding seam, place the tool head well, and fix the tool head in an appropriate position by taking advantage of the stickiness of the solder paste.

The second step: into the furnace and heating

Put the cutter into the vacuum furnace, and keep the state of extraction during the whole welding process; When the vacuum degree reaches 10-2pa, it starts to heat up, and is kept warm for 3 minutes at 300 degrees and 500 degrees, and then for 5 minutes at 20 degrees below the solid point, and then for 5 minutes at the welding temperature. The temperature and holding time can be adjusted according to the power of each vacuum furnace, the number of welding parts and the size of the workpiece.

Step 3: cool down

With the furnace cooling, continue to maintain the pumping state, until the furnace temperature is below 200 degrees, can open the furnace to take.


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