Development Tendency Of Environmental Friendly Vacuum Coating Equipment

- Mar 14, 2018-

In recent years, the media has continuously exposed the status of major pollution in the country, especially industrial pollution. In the electroplating industry, a large amount of sewage and heavy metal pollution, solid waste and acid gas will be generated in the process of chemical coating, causing serious environmental pollution. This promotes the germination and development of the green industry, and the vacuum coating machine industry came into being.

Last year, the total amount of sewage and heavy metals generated by chemical electroplating in China reached 3.5 million tons, solid waste reached 41 thousand tons and acid gas reached 23 thousand cubic meters. Because of the gradual application of vacuum coating equipment to the market, the emission of pollution has decreased than before, but it is still a data that cannot be ignored. To deal with the heavy pollution, most enterprises have invested 586 billion 810 million Yuan in sewage treatment, 46 billion 480 million Yuan in solid waste management, and 97 billion 490 million Yuan in acid gas treatment.

The use of vacuum coating equipment for coating can effectively improve the pollution. Unlike chemical plating, it does not require the use of heavy metal solutions and acidic solutions for coating. Instead, it can be coated by evaporation or sputtering in a vacuum environment and it without pollution, it is a green, low carbon industry that meets the strategy of sustainable development. More and more enterprises have eliminated the tradition mode of chemical electroplating and transferred to use vacuum coating. 

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