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- Mar 15, 2018-

Service object

Cutting tools manufacturing enterprise, cutting tools use enterprise and hard coating processing enterprise.


 Turnkey project can be provided, including the production process and exception handling and the equipment used for gear cutter pre-treatment, coating, post-treatment, quality testing.

 The service life of gear cutter coating can reach the top level of the domestic market.

Solutions and advantages

According to the needs of the development of the manufacturing industry, the multi-functional composite cutting tools and high speed and efficient tools will become the mainstream of the tool development. The material of the cutting tool must have high temperature hardness and wear resistance, higher bending strength, impact toughness and chemical inertness, and chemical inertness, and good manufacturability (cutting, forging and heat treatment, etc.) is not easy to deform. In order to meet with these requirements, PVD coating will bring more possibilities for the breakthrough of tool industry, and the tools use of performance is greatly improved.

What are the benefits of coating for mechanical processing plants?

1. According to practical application, the PVD coating can increase the service life of tools by 30%-200%, which means that it can save the cost of processing tools and reduce the loss of cutting tools for enterprises.

2. Reduce downtime for change of cutting tools.

3. Improve the speed of processing and the production efficiency.

4. Improve the cutting conditions, and the processing conditions of some tools can be achieved by dry cutting (or quasi dry cutting) to reduce the cost of the use and treatment of the coolant.

5. Increase the number of regrinding times of cutting tools.

6. Improve the surface quality of the work piece.

IKS provides the solution of cutting tool coating, such as hobbing cutter, milling cutter, drill, end milling cutter, screw tap, reamer, etc. After coating processing, the built-upedge of the cutting tools can be greatly reduced while the friction phenomenon is reduced. Therefore, tool wear condition can be improved, and the surface quality and accuracy of products can be improved. Therefore, the cutting conditions can be improved in addition to the lengthening of the tool life after the tool has been coated, which can greatly reduce the manufacturing cost.

For more than a decade, IKS specializing in all kinds of vacuum coating application equipment manufacturing, dedicated to the research and development and production of vacuum coating machine, with the latest technology constantly produce meet the market needs of vacuum coating equipment, providing customers with customized technology solutions and equipment.

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