Correct operation procedure and fault treatment of vacuum coating machine

- Jan 17, 2019-

Correct operation procedure and fault treatment of vacuum coating machine


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Operation of electric control cabinet

1, glass vacuum coating machine open water pump, gas source

2, open the total power

 3, open maintenance pump, vacuum meter power, vacuum gauge file position V1 position, wait for its value less than 10, then enter the next step of operation. It takes about 5 minutes.

 4. Open the mechanical pump and prepump, open the power supply of the turbine molecular pump and start it. Switch the vacuum gauge to the position V2 and pump until it is less than 2, about 20 minutes.

5. Observe that after the reading of the turbine molecular pump reaches 250, close the pump, open the front machine and the high valve to continue to pump vacuum, and only after the vacuum reaches a certain level can the high vacuum gauge head on the right be opened to observe the vacuum degree. The vacuum reaches 2 10-3 before the power of the gun can be turned on.


Operation of def-6b electron gun power supply cabinet

1, total power

2, vacuum coating equipment, at the same time open gun control and gun control power: auto glass coating according to the electron gun control power supply, delay switch, delay, power and to protect the light, three minutes after the time delay and protect the lights went out, if the back door is not closed or malfunction with the current relay, protect will normally on.

 3. Open the high voltage, the high voltage will reach more than 10KV, adjust the beam to about 200mA, the curtain grid is 20V/100mA, the filament current 1.2a, the deflection current swings between 1 and 1.7.


Shutdown sequence

 1. Turn off the high vacuum gauge head and the molecular pump.

 2. When the molecular pump is displayed to 50, close the high valve, front stage and mechanical pump successively, which will take about 40 minutes.

3. Turn off the maintenance pump when it reaches below 50.


Common failure of coating machine and its treatment


The flip signal of the mask clamp cannot be detected:

 1. Check the position of the flip signal source;

2. Manually short the flip input signal. If no signal can be detected, check the circuit first and then replace the control card.


Unstable flip of mask clamp:

1. Check whether the initial position of the flip plate conforms to the timing;

2. Check whether the turning mechanism is flexible and reliable; A pointer multimeter can be used for tracking monitoring.

3. Check whether the turning mechanism is flexible and reliable;

4. Check the setting of turning signal times;

5. Check that the rotary table has friction with the inner wall of the bell jar

6. Check the stability of the rotary table when rotating


In the same mask fixture frequency dispersion is large:

1. Check whether the chip itself has large dispersion;

2. Check whether the position of the film correction board changes, and readjust the correction board

3. Check whether the baffle completely covers the molybdenum boat

4. when opening and closing. Check whether the bombarding ring covers the molybdenum boat.

 5. Check whether the molybdenum boat meets the requirements


Large frequency dispersion between POTS:

1, look at the monitor whether there is a phenomenon of frequency hopping

2, repeated measurements and unified monitoring observation of the stability of the oscillator (no more than 75 hz)

3, check whether the cooling water is unobstructed

4, check molybdenum boat use is in accordance with the requirements, to adopt the circular molybdenum boat

5, monitoring, choose whether meet the requirements, recommend my company's monitoring


Coating frequency does not stop:

1. Check whether the frequency parameter setting is correct

2, molybdenum boat ammeter whether there is an indication

3. Is there any silver in the molybdenum boat

4. Whether the monitoring chip is frequency hopping

5. Whether the correction coefficient is wrong

6. Whether to replace the monitoring panel after abnormal withdrawal


Frequency not tested:

1, change the monitoring sheet

2, check to test whether the shrapnel deformation

3, insert directly with a 5 MHZ crystal oscillator input measurement frequency, if you have frequency proved probe questions, without frequency, output frequency counter measure oscillator anomaly, proof to the normal output oscillator has a problem, have a normal output but there is something wrong with the computer proof to the display control card.


No action of control valves:

1. Check whether the 5V power supply has output and is connected properly

2. Check whether the power supply common end of the solid state relay board has electric control valves and does not operate individually

3. Check whether the corresponding solid state relay has output


Work without vacuum:

1. Abnormal Numbers appear in the digital vacuum gauge, and there is no change within 30 seconds, such as the phenomenon of 0.00-4 (common in domestic vacuum gauge)

2. After the vacuum gauge is turned on for 30 seconds, the black pointer still does not oscillate


Monitoring using principle

1, monitoring surface to clean

2, monitor to use with plating, exposed more than 12 hours in the air it is prohibited to use

3, monitoring, and surface defect of banning the use of

4, in use process to use batch record, it is forbidden to appear a mixture of old and new

5, monitoring the service life of the repeated is 3 times.