Concept and application of extreme vacuum

- May 04, 2019-

Concept and application of extreme vacuum


Limiting vacuum concept

The full name of "extreme vacuum" is "extreme vacuum", which refers to the maximum vacuum that can be achieved by a miniature vacuum pump.


An extreme vacuum is a state in which no matter (molecules, atoms, etc.) is present.This is a theoretical state that is practically impossible to achieve.


For example, a certain micro vacuum pump with weak pumping capacity can only reduce the gas pressure in the sealed container from the normal 100KPa to 95KPa after an infinite period of time. Then 95KPa is the ultimate vacuum degree of this pump. For example, there is a micro vacuum pump with strong pumping capacity, which can reduce the air pressure from 100KPa to 10KPa, then 10KPa is the extreme vacuum degree of this pump.


Application of extreme vacuum


"Extreme vacuum" is an important parameter of the vacuum pump, which is the characteristic value of the pumping capacity of the reaction pump and a value related to the vacuum pump. Different vacuum pumps can have different degrees of "extreme vacuum". And "theoretical vacuum" is a concept in theoretical research, and it is an ideal vacuum state extracted by excluding the influence of various practical factors. The vacuum vessel is stabilized at a certain vacuum degree after full extraction, which is called the ultimate vacuum. In general, the vacuum vessel must undergo 12 hours of gas refining, then 12 hours of vacuum pumping, and the last hour is measured every 10 minutes. The average value of 10 times is taken as the limit vacuum value.


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