Comparison of water electroplating and vacuum coating process for plastic products

- Apr 10, 2019-

Comparison of water electroplating and vacuum coating process for plastic products




Plastic product electroplating process brief introduction: common plastic product electroplating process has two kinds: water electroplating and vacuum ion plating.


1, water plating: generally applicable to ABS material, ABS PC material products. The main process is to put the electroplated products into the electroplating solution for electroplating. According to the different needs of customers, can be plated in different colors, with highlights silver, sub-silver, gray silver, gun color, gold, black chrome, semi-chrome. Since the electrical conductivity of the electroplated product is significantly enhanced, what about some components that need to be insulated?


There are two ways: first, in the need of insulation parts coated with insulation oil, the parts in the electroplating will not be electroplated to, thereby achieving insulation effect! Of course, the parts coated with insulating oil will turn black, which is not suitable for the appearance of the surface. Second, in the need of electroplating parts with special adhesive paper stick, protect, the same insulation effect.


2, vacuum ion plating, also known as vacuum coating: generally applicable to a wide range, such as ABS material, ABS PC material, PC material products. At the same time because of its complex process, environment, equipment requirements, unit price is more expensive than water plating. Here is a brief introduction to the process: surface cleaning, anti-static - > spray primer - baking primer - > vacuum coating - > spray finish - > baking finish - > packaging.


Vacuum electroplating can be divided into general vacuum electroplating, UV vacuum electroplating, vacuum electroplating special; Process steam plating, splash plating, gun color and so on.


3. Differences between the two processes: water electroplating is widely used because the process is simple and the requirements from equipment to environment are not as harsh as vacuum ion plating. IKS PVDsupplier of vacuum coating equipment.


But the vacuum electroplating excellent supplier in dongguan, shenzhen two places are not many, at least I do not have too many such supplier information. However, water plating has a weakness, only ABS material and ABS PC material plating (this material plating effect is not very ideal). And ABS material heat resistance is 80 ℃, which makes its application scope is limited. And, vacuum plating can amount to about 200 ℃, for use in the high temperature parts can be processed in the plating. Like the wind, the wind ring use PC material, all of these components have resistance to high temperature of 130 ℃. In addition, high temperature components are generally required to do vacuum plating after z* spray a layer of UV oil, so that the product surface is shiny, high temperature resistance, while ensuring the adhesion.

4. Advantages and disadvantages of the two processes:


A. To put it simply, if vacuum electroplating is no better than UV oil, its adhesion is very poor and cannot pass the TEST. However, water electroplating is obviously better than vacuum electroplating! Therefore, in order to ensure the adhesion of vacuum plating, need to be followed by special spraying treatment, of course, the cost is higher.

B. Water electroplate color is drab, have only commonly inferior silvery, ash silver, gun color, aureate, black chrome color, half smooth chrome to wait for multifarious 7 color are powerless. However, vacuum plating can solve the problem of seven colors.

C. The common coating material of water electroplating is "hexavalent chromium", which is a non-environmental friendly material. For "hexavalent chromium", there are the following requirements: eu: 76/769/EE: prohibited use; 94/62 / EC: < 100 PPM. ROHS: <1000ppm is such a strict requirement, some domestic manufacturers have started to try to use "trivalent chromium" to replace "hexavalent chromium"; And the vacuum electroplating USES the coating material to be broad, easy to conform to the environmental protection.


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