Comparison of various dry coating technologies

- Dec 06, 2018-

Comparison of various dry coating technologies

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coating   method

vacuum evaporation

   sputtering   deposition


 ion plating

Chemical reaction plating(CVD)

Can be plated material


Certain metallic compounds

Metal, alloy, chemical Complex,   ceramics, high molecular compound

Metal, alloy, ceramics, compound

Film material evaporation method

vacuum evaporation

Vacuum sputtering

Evaporation, sputtering

chemical reaction

Substrate heating scope

·          30-200

·           150-500

·        150-800

·           300-1100

rate of deposition nm/min

· 2500-75000

·      10-100

·    2500-50000

·       much larger   than PVD

The intensity of Interfacial adhesion

·    ordinary

·     preferably

·          good

·           good

The purity of the film

·   It   depends on the purity of the film material and the film material supporting   boat or crucible

·   It   depends on the purity of target material and sputtering gas

· Depending   on the film material, crucible and reaction gas purity

· It   depends on the reaction gas

The properties of the film

·    not uniform

·   High   density, less needle holes, more uniform film

· High   density, more uniform, less pinhole

· High   purity, good compactness

Ability to coat complex surfaces

·  Straight   beam surface of substrate

·    Straight   beam surface of substrate

·     Good   diffraction, can be plated on all surfaces, the film is uniform

·   Can   be plated complex heteromorphic surface, deposition surface smooth