Comparison of modern PVD coating technology among different coatings

- Dec 20, 2018-

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Comparison of modern PVD coating technology among different coatings

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There are many modern PVD coating technologies, but they all have their own characteristics.Evaporation technology, magnetron sputtering technology and cathode arc technology have different application scopes.Evaporation technology is very suitable for color stainless steel decorative coating, coating after the surface of the workpiece smooth, low roughness, beautiful appearance, high surface quality, but the coating and the substrate adhesion is poor.Magnetron sputtering technology is the deposition of large droplets, but a considerable part of the target material is ionized. Therefore, this coating technology can guarantee the smooth appearance and greatly improve the adhesion between the coating and the substrate.Magnetron sputtering technology is very suitable for the coating of plastic mold.Cathode arc technology can ensure more than 90% ionisation of the target material, so the adhesion between coating and matrix is greatly improved.However, cathode arc technology is suitable for tool coating because it does not have droplet deposition.The grain sizes of the three technologies vary greatly. Due to the high ionisation rate of cathode arc technology, the coating grain size is very small, followed by magnetron sputtering grain size, and the coating particle size of evaporation technology is the largest.The scanning electrode picture of the coating prepared by the three technologies is as follows:



Because any method has its applicability, production practice should be based on their own needs to choose the appropriate coating method, really make the best use of everything. At present, the domestic color stainless steel processing is the main application of PVD evaporation technology, the technology is relatively easy to achieve, less investment in equipment, product effect details, income, so the color stainless steel PVD vacuum evaporation industry has developed very quickly in recent years.