Common Color Scheme Of PVD Decorative Films

- Jul 06, 2018-

1. IP Rose Gold

IP rose gold is an alloy of gold and copper. It is widely used in jewelry design and processing because of its very fashionable and beautiful rose red color. It is also known as pink gold or red gold.


2. IP Gold

The gold on the target is deposited on the workpiece by ion coating technology to form IP gold color coatings. Generally, it is composed of two layers of imitation gold layer and surface gold layer. The color of the surface gold layer is same as that of 24K gold. And different thicknesses are plated according to customer requirements.


3. Imitation Gold Series (Including Imitation Gold and Imitation Rose Gold)

Without gold, the general composition of it is ceramic compounds such as TiN TiCN ZrN ZrCN, the color is close to IP rose gold and IP gold, but it is difficult to achieve the brightness of real gold.


4. Silver Series

It is generally chrome compounds, color shades can be adjusted. It is divided into cool tone and warm tone. With blues, the cool tune has good metal light, and warm tone is close to own color of stainless steel with yellowish.


5. Gray Series

The general composition is titanium compound or chromium compound, color shades can be adjusted. The color tone can also be adjusted according to customer requirements.


6. Black Series

The generally the composition is metal carbide, color shades can be adjusted. The color tone can be adjusted according to customer requirements as different metal carbides have different characteristics and colors.


7. Blue Series

There are sky blue, ice blue, ocean blue, dark blue and so on. Different color has different components.

8. Purple Series.