Combinatorial Sputter Deposition Systems

- Sep 12, 2018-

Systems can include magnetron sputter sources with either 1.5-inch or 2-inch diameter targets, and up to four sources per system, with RF and DC capability. A wide variety of options such as MFCs for different gasses, power supply packages, single or multi-wafer load locks, etc. can be provided.   Magnetrons can be mounted on Z-stages to provide a wide range and resolution of deposition rates.

Test pad sizes can range from about 4 mm square to over 25 mm square, tailored to user requirements. It is very easy to change test pad size and step-and-repeat distances in the field with our easy-to-use software.

Capabilities & Components 

combinatorial sputter systems will provide the user with a wide range of capabilities for the growth of new materials. Such equipment will quickly help the customer determine the proper composition needed for specific applications, saving significant time and money testing hundreds of unique compositions one at a time.

Systems come complete with all necessary components such as power distribution boxes, power supplies, MFCs, wafer flow interlock switches, and pneumatic valves, along with closed-loop feedback for constant pressure control, various pumping packages, full featured  software, etc. Each machine can be individually tailored for the customer’s specific requirements.