Coating Machine Safe Operating Procedures

- Nov 08, 2017-

1. Safety operation regulation of coating machine

1.1 Objective: to specify the operation safety requirements of coating machine, to ensure the personal safety of operators and the normal operation of equipment, and to make a special regulation.

2. Scope: suitable for all operators of coating machine.

3. Operation steps:

3.1 When finishing the coating machine, check the power supply, the circuit switch is normal, forbid solvent dip, sprinkle in the electric box, wire and other dangerous sources;

3.2 Tape to pull A frame or box car, in accordance with the provisions of routes, must not get excited;

3.3 Wear the guide cloth, as far as possible in the state of the machine stop, if you need to run cloth in the machine running, the speed must be controlled within 10y/Min. Especially in wearing the cooling wheel guide cloth should be extra careful, sleeves, clothes buttons should be buttoned;

3.4 When using suction pump, pay special attention to head and hand, do not extend to the pump up, down through the area, so as not to hurt in the process of rising or falling;

3.5 In the process of running the machine, the paint head if the pressure roller should pay special attention not to exceed speed, so as to avoid excessive static sparks, causing fire. Not available iron blade met roller, so as to produce a spark, causing a fire. Don't put your hands on the cloth at high speed so as not to bring your hand into the roller;

3.6 In the use of A frame in the production process, can not be entered between the A frame and the machine area, in case the A frame is pulled, causing pressure injury;

3.7 In the production process, such as the use of A frame coiling, need special attention will not be hand rotation of the cloth, also be careful don't be caught in the hand pressing wheel side under the sleeves, spreading; clothes buttons must buckle;

3.8 In the production process, do not touch the pressing wheel, so as not to be stabbed;

3.9 In the production of larger static cloth, can be appropriate watering around the machine, to reduce static electricity, do not touch the place with static electricity, so as not to be injured by electricity;

3.10 Machines in the operation process should pay attention to whether the exhaust motor is running normally, must ensure that the exhaust generated by the machine inside the timely removal.