Classification of ion beam processing

- Dec 04, 2019-

Classification of ion beam processing

The physical basis of ion beam processing is the impact effect, sputtering effect and injection effect when ion beam hits the material surface. There are usually four categories:

Ion etching

When argon ions with an energy of 0.1 ~ 5keV and a diameter of a few tenths of a nanometer are used to bombate the workpiece surface, the energy transferred by this high-energy ion exceeds the bonding force of atoms (or molecules) on the workpiece surface, the atoms (or molecules) on the material surface are sputtered out one by one to achieve the processing purpose. This machining is essentially an atomic scale cutting process, often referred to as ion milling.

Ion etching can be used to process grooves of air bearings, punch holes, process extremely thin materials and ultra-high precision aspheric lenses, and can also be used to etch high-precision graphics of integrated circuits.


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