Ceramic surface treatment-grinding

- Feb 01, 2020-

Ceramic surface treatment-grinding


Grinding: it is a kind of process to achieve rapid thinning, the use of coated or embedded abrasive particles on the grinding tool, through the grinding tool and the workpiece under a certain pressure relative to the movement of the finishing surface of the processing (such as cutting).

Wet grinding: also known as application of sand grinding, the liquid grinding agent continuous injection or coating on the grinding surface, abrasive in the workpiece and grinding tools between sliding and rolling, the formation of cutting motion.
Dry grinding: also known as embedded sand grinding, the abrasive evenly in the press embedded in the surface layer of the grinding tool, grinding only in the surface coated with a small amount of stearic acid mixed fat and other auxiliary materials.
Semi-dry grinding: similar to wet grinding, the grinding agent is paste grinding paste. Grinding can be done either by hand or on a grinder.
Technical features:
1. Wet grinding is generally used for coarse grinding, and the particle size of used micro powder abrasive is coarser than W7
2. Dry grinding is often used for fine grinding, and the particle size of used micro powder abrasive is finer than W7
3. In semi-dry grinding, the workpiece must be processed with other processing methods to obtain higher preprocessing accuracy before grinding, and the grinding allowance is generally 5-30 microns

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