Attention the matters of Cleaning vacuum evaporation coating machine

- Feb 28, 2019-

Attention the matters of Cleaning vacuum evaporation coating machine


Vacuum material should be cleaned before the vacuum process to remove contaminants from the workpiece or system material surface; Car lights coating machine parts surface cleaning treatment is also very necessary, because the pollutants caused by the gas, steam source will not only make the vacuum system can not get the required vacuum degree. Moreover, due to the presence of pollutants, it will also affect the strength and sealing performance of the connection of vacuum components.


Pollutants can be defined as "any kind of useless material or energy", multi-arc ion coating machine according to the physical state of pollutants can be divided into solid, gas and liquid, they exist in the form of film or granular. In terms of its chemical properties, it can be in an ionic or covalent state, it can be inorganic or organic.


Surface z* exposed to air is susceptible to pollution from a variety of sources. The initial pollution of z* is usually part of the formation process of the surface itself. Adsorption, chemical reactions, leaching and drying processes, mechanical processes, and diffusion and segregation processes all contribute to the increase of surface contaminants in various components. There are several types of pollutants on the surface of vacuum materials.


Grease: processing, assembly, operation with lubricants, cutting fluid, vacuum grease, etc.; (2) water base class: operation of hand sweat, blowing water vapor, saliva, etc.; (3) surface oxide: material placed in the air for a long time or placed in the humid air formed by the surface oxide; (4) acid, alkali, salt substances: cleaning residual substances, hand sweat, minerals in the water, etc. (5) polishing residue and dust and other organic matter in the ambient air.


According to the requirements, the cleaned surface can be divided into two types: atomic clean surface and technological clean surface.


The cleaning work in place in the early stage can reduce a lot of trouble, to avoid a lot of small problems of sputter control sputter coating machine, the work efficiency, vacuum coating machine coating quality has a very positive. It can greatly improve the working stability of all the wall and other component surfaces in the vacuum system under various working conditions. These operating conditions include high and low temperatures, as well as the emission and bombardment of electrons, ions, photons or heavy particles.


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