Applications Of Ultrasonic Cleaning

- May 08, 2018-

Because ultrasonic cleaning itself has the incomparable superiority of other physical cleaning or chemical cleaning. Therefore, it is widely used in many fields such as daily life, electronics, pharmaceutical industry, laboratory, machinery industry, metal industry, chemical industry and so on.

1. Daily life

In daily life, glasses and jewelry can be cleaned with ultrasonic waves, and the cleaning speed is high without damage. Daily cleaning of tableware by hotels, restaurants and families not only has good cleaning effect, but also has the effect of eliminating germs.

2. Pharmaceutical industry

Ultrasonic cleaning technology has been widely used by many pharmaceutical enterprises. For bottle cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning technology is used instead of the original brush machine. It is realized through flip flushing, ultrasonic cleaning, internal and external rinsing, air drying and flip.

3. Electronics industry

After the printed circuit board is soldered, flux residues often adhere to the substrate more or less. These residues will have a bad influence on the substrate (such as short circuit, leakage, corrosion, poor contact, etc.), and it has a quality impact on the electronics industry. Ultrasonic cleaning technology can greatly reduce the amount of residues and further improve cleanliness.

4. Metal industry

As we all know, after the metal bar is extruded into a wire, the outside of the wire has a layer of carbonized film and oil, with acid cleaning or other cleaning methods, it is difficult to remove dirt. Ultrasonic washing machine is designed according to actual production needs. The metal wire is cleaned by ultrasonic, then washed and dried, so as to complete the whole cleaning process. The integrated control of the whole equipment is simple, convenient and effective.