Applications of plasma surface treatment

- Mar 20, 2019-

Applications of plasma surface treatment


Plasma or the plasma, it is composed of positively charged particles of positive and negative particles (including positive ions, negative ions, electrons, free radicals and all kinds of active group, etc.) of the collection, including positive and negative charge equal so called plasma, is in addition to solid, liquid, and gaseous material existence of the fourth state - plasma.


Plasma surface processor by plasma generator, gas pipelines and plasma spray parts, such as plasma generator to generate high voltage high frequency energy in nozzle tube is activated and the control result in the low temperature plasma glow discharge, using compressed air plasma sprayed to the surface, when the plasma and treated surfaces meet, create the object change and chemical reaction. Got a clean surface, in addition to the hydrocarbon contaminants, such as grease, auxiliary additives, or produce etching and rough, or form a dense crosslinking layer, or the introduction of oxygen polar group (hydroxyl and carboxyl), these groups of all kinds of coating material has promote the adhesion effect, optimization in glue and paint application. Under the same effect, plasma treatment of the surface can be very thin high tension coating surface, conducive to bonding, coating and printing. No need for other machines, chemical processing and other strong components to increase adhesion.


Plasma surface treatment in the printing and packaging industry


1. Solve the problem of plastic covering and opening

2. Solve the problem of UV, glazing glue

3. Beverage bottles and jam bottles should be stuck and sealed to ensure firmness and reliability


Plasma surface treatment in the automotive and Marine manufacturing field


1. Automobile sealing strip bonding surface treatment, bonding closer, sound insulation, dust

2. Automobile lamp bonding process application, bonding firm, dustproof, moisture-proof

3. Automotive interior surface spraying, pre-printing treatment, do not fade, do not drop the paint

4. Automobile brake pads, oil seals and bumpers shall be treated before coating and bonded seamlessly

5. All materials of shipbuilding are processed before bonding, and the bonding is perfect


Plasma surface treatment on ceramic surfaces


1. Ceramic coating pretreatment, no primer, the coating is firm

2. Pre-treatment of ceramic glazing to enhance the adhesion

Industrial plasma surface treatment for cables

1. Special cable printing, good printing effect

2. Optical cable printing, fastness can be comparable to laser identification

3 cross - fiber printing, printing clear wear – resistant


Application of plasma in medical biomaterials


1. The surface treatment of human body implant materials meets the requirements of compatibility

2. Hydrophilic treatment of medical supplies

3. Disinfection treatment of medical equipment

4. Adhesion of medical catheter after surface treatment, the adhesion is more solid


Application of plasma in textile printing and dyeing industry


1. Cellulose fiber treatment, improve dyeing performance and dyeing rate

2. Protein fiber treatment, increase hydrophilicity, adsorption

3. Synthetic fiber treatment, increased moisture absorption, to electrostatic


Plasma is treated on plastic surfaces


1. Tube surface treatment, increase the adhesion of printing

2. Toy surface treatment, favorable adhesion, printing, etc

3. Printed and bonded beverage bottle caps and cosmetic surface

4. Plasma treatment of daily necessities and household appliances

5. Shoes shall be handled before bonding to ensure that they are firm and unglued


Digital products plasma surface treatment


1. The shell of mobile phone and notebook shall be glued, the shell shall not drop the paint, and the text shall not fade

2. The keys of the mobile phone and the keyboard of the notebook are glued together, and the keyboard text does not come off the paint

3. Mobile phone shell and notebook shell coating, do not drop the paint

4. LCD flexible film circuit bonding, bonding more firmly

5. Pre-treatment of component binding to ensure solid bonding


Rubber and plastic industry surface treatment


1. Capable of printing, gluing, coating and other operations

Plasma treatment of glass products before bonding

1. Windshield adhesive pretreatment, adhesive more moisture-proof, sound insulation

2. The laboratory petri dish is hydrophilic, the adhesion is treated, and the bacteria is produced evenly

3. Pre-bonding processing of the display screen


Plasma metal surface modification


1. Improve the adhesion of metal surface

2. Improve the corrosion resistance of the metal surface

3. Improve the hardness and wear characteristics of the metal


Plasma treatment of daily necessities and household appliances

1. Surface treatment before coating, the coating is stronger

2. Pre-printing surface treatment, printing does not fall off

3. Surface treatment before bonding, stable bonding

4. High-grade furniture surface treatment, no polishing, direct paint, paint does not drop


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